How to Convert PDF to PNG in Batch

First of all download the PDF to PNG Converter and install it on your computer. Run the application, you can see the following screen.

PDF to PNG Converter Step 1

Click on “Add Files” to add PDF files to the list. You can drag and drop files and folders from the Add Files section or from the Windows Explorer. You can include subfolders when you add files and folders. See the Screen below.

PDF to PNG Converter Step 2

You can change the options like Output folder path, resolution DPI, color bit etc. If you don’t know about the options, you can use the default options.

PDF to PNG Converter Step 3

After adding your PDF files for conversion, click on “Convert”. If gs driver is not found in your computer, it will prompt to download the gs driver. Please download the gs driver and install in on your computer. That’s it, you will get your PNG files in your output folder after conversion done.